The Rabid Main Stream Media Hatred of Trump Supporters

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Many Russia-related stories have relied exclusively on unverified documents or anonymous sources, while others have omitted key evidence to support. of rabid mouthpieces spouting more rabid bias.

 · They’re not going to forget if Trump loses and refuses to concede and calls on his supporters to make a mess. They’re not going to forget who it was who rallied to Trump’s side to say everyone else’s vote didn’t count, or didn’t count as much as.

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When I look at the Democratic Party and main stream media (msm), all I see is control by demonic powers and a satanic hatred of truth.

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Love didn't trump hate: intolerance in the campaign and beyond. 60. cherian george. mainstream media in America and around the world demonstrated.. munication, failing to fit the rapid-fire social media and 24/7 news.

The mainstream media are very guarded. now he’s playing golf with Trump? Crazy.” The snarky evening newspaper, Nikkan Gendai, also lovingly called Trump, “The Rabid Dog President.” He does seem to.

Trump’s most rabid fans need the madness of QAnon.. But think for a moment how the past 19 months have played out for Trump’s core supporters – angry, immigrants – everyone you hate.

But, as an individual that falls into categories that so many have demonized – fat, white, older, male, Catholic, southern, Trump-supporting (by default not by choice), conservative leaning, north of a median income – when main stream media, social media, and even friends and family posts on things like Facebook condemn a group that I fall.

There are two “mainstream medias” really. But fake news was spearheaded by traditional media outlets. Let’s not pretend the internet, teenagers in eastern Europe, rabid Trump supporters, or white.

He then completely redirected the entirety of the mainstream news media. Trump is not criticizing these congresswomen because they are women of color; he’s criticizing the ideas they espouse. They.

That’s the biggest danger posed by Donald Trump. It’s not just his steady stream of falsehood, hyperbole and hate. It’s that his opponents. presidential campaigns’ lashing out at the mainstream.

Senator Cory Booker went even further, saying not only that Trump was “particularly responsible” and “complicit” in the mass shootings last weekend, but so is everyone who is “not actively working.