Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress?

Tim Rich has faced struggles his whole life. Every time he’s been knocked down he has come back stronger and more committed to helping his friends, his community, and the people of Maine. "I haven’t talked much about it, but I’m one of those people who really has had a hard life in many ways.

Congress earlier applied this law to Richard Nixon, who resigned in disgrace after a second audit of his returns showed he was a major league tax cheat. nixon fabricated deductions worth more than.

But I am reminded of feudalism, which I learned about in high school, by the oversized influence that a handful of rich families. must come from Congress, where laws are made, but its members seem.

The state, which is characterised by feelings of powerlessness in the face of inescapable adversity, is one that sounds all.

So maybe it’s time for something so stupid it’s actually smart. We must elect the first politician powered entirely by artificial intelligence. Think about it. Why have we been electing humans to.

Congress Is Trying To Expand The Patriot Act More Login.. What they’re doing is called ‘overcriminalization’ – an effect of people NOT breaking the current laws enough to continue making a profit incarcerating law-abiding people.. too, ever since the Cyprus problem. It’s because politicians have had a look at the huge pile of money out of.

They're right to be concerned, but wrong about why.. Ordinary wealth provides for an ordinary person's needs and wants-maybe a modest. directly to congressional outcomes, while policy choices of average citizens (or.

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 · If Congress regulated the value of our money the way they’re supposed to, there would be no inflation and a house that costs $600,000 today would cost about $12,000. Of course, your salary would also be set to levels from 1912 too. But the key here, is that banks would not be charging us interest for mortgages.

So I'm pleased to welcome Republican members of Congress to the White House. They're meeting to see if they can work out something, maybe on a. are so genius, if they were ever legit, they'd become very rich people.

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