Facebook launches new tool to help users memorialize loved ones –

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The new tool will allow Facebook users to click a button on articles to learn "context" about the publisher-which the company hopes will help readers determine whether the news is from a.

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Facebook Group Admin Tools. Easy Way to Welcome New Members. Avant, when you welcomed new members to your group, you had to manually write the post, then go to the member’s area to find out who the new users were, and then tag them in the post. This could get tedious. There is now a new Welcome Posts feature that automatically tags new members and speeds up the process.

The company made the changes in response to users’ experiences with seeing their loved ones’ profiles pop up on Facebook after they had died. Sometimes, the company said people might not be ready to memorialize a person’s profile immediately after their death – it can feel like a big step they are not ready to take.

Nearly 3 million New Zealanders are active on Facebook every month, the social network says, and many of them are sharing details of their personal lives – both the highs and the lows. But the way.

Memorial Matters is an online memorial site that allows users to create online memorials for their loved ones. Once created invite people to come to the site to read about the deceased, leave a message, post photos and videos, share stories, send flowers.

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Users won’t be able to tag a memorialized Facebook user in future posts or photos, or message that person at all.. inside jokes and "gifts" on their late loved ones’ Facebook. agencies like.