Be Careful About Putting Only One Spouse’s Name on a Reverse Mortgage

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If I add her to my checking account and/or add her name to. Is a reverse mortgage a good way to do that? Also, which company should I approach for this? I’m a widow with no children. -Jitka You.

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But when only one member of a senior couple is the named borrower on a reverse mortgage loan, it can create a troublesome situation whereby the borrowing spouse dies and the remaining partner is.

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You can put your wife’s name on a reverse mortgage, but first find out if it’s the best option.. What is the best way to add my wife to my reverse mortgage?. your wife can stay in the.

A spouse may not be a borrower on the loan for several reasons. For example, a spouse who is younger than 62 will not qualify as a borrower, but may still be included on the loan as a non-borrowing spouse. This may be a wise choice if both spouses want to get a reverse mortgage as soon as possible – even if the younger spouse cannot be a.

Does a Reverse Mortgage make sense in Retirement? So the reverse mortgage was in her husband’s name only, even though he owned the property jointly with his wife. Or at least he did at one time. In order to receive a HECM, both homeowners must be.

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At times, on owner may be age 62 or more and the spouse may be under age 62. In cases where only one spouse’s name is on the reverse mortgage contract, the house can be sold out from under the other spouse if the borrower dies. All reverse mortgage. 4, if one spouse takes out a reverse mortgage and then dies, the.

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Reverse Mortgage With One Spouse Under 62. If the home is owned solely by the older spouse he or she may technically be able to take out a reverse mortgage in his or her name only. And, thanks to changes from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), non-borrowing spouses are now.