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Universities and colleges are pivotal to the future of our societies. But, given impressive and ongoing advances in technology and artificial intelligence, it is hard to see how they can continue playing this role without reinventing themselves over the next two decades.

 · New World Order , Maurice Strong , New World Religion. Hubbard noted there is now a splintering of Homo sapiens into two separate species- of higher- and lower- spiritual capacities. (At the end of her talk, I asked if these two sub-groups met the standard biological definition of separate species, namely, that they cannot interbreed and.

He awakened the consciousness of the media, providing them with the historical background to the lesbian and gay practice, which dated several. He said the Coalition was facilitated by the Emmanuel.

Your Special Bonuses from Barbara Marx Hubbard & Humanity’s Team If you are ready to consciously experience the full expression of the New Awakening in the world, then you are going to love the 12 spheres series with hosts Barbara Marx Hubbard, Steve Farrell, Barbara Fields and Anna-Mari Pieterse with their 12 special guests.

Arenschieldt studied at Baylor University, became a banker, then ran a mentoring program for students interested in medical careers. He retired from full-time work a year ago, but as a gay man. a.

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I awakened to. that we at the university congregational church accept, love and welcome folks of all gender and sexual persuasions. Knowing that 100-plus good and innocent fellow humans were killed.

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Neumont University, an institution of higher education. "For us, being in the center of downtown Salt Lake City has really awakened a sense.

Thomas Lee Pangle, FRSC (born 1944) is an American political scientist.He holds the Joe R. Long Chair in Democratic Studies in the Department of Government and is Co-Director of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Core Texts and Ideas at the University of Texas at Austin.He has also taught at the University of Toronto and Yale University.